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We at Synergy Public School are committed to the academic achievement of our students. Our curriculum, based on Arizona’s K-12 Academic Standards, addresses the needs of the whole child—academically, socially, and emotionally. Our goal is to prepare students for success in high school and beyond.

Curriculum Focus

English Language Arts
Our language arts program builds literacy skills (including reading, writing, and speaking) in real-world contexts.

Success for All lays the foundation for our comprehensive reading instruction program. This whole-school program ensures that all students receive reading instruction to help them advance their skills (whether they are reading below, at, or above grade level). Every eight weeks we evaluate students on their acquired skills and then regroup them as necessary according to their skill mastery. This ensures that struggling students receive gap instruction to move them closer to grade level and that we keep our advanced students challenged.

Our math program, Dimensions by Singapore, helps students master skills like problem solving and abstract reasoning in addition to more traditional math strategies. 

Science instruction encourages students to engage and explore their world. Our curriculum implements a problems-based STEM approach to science skills that gives students the opportunity to explore, discover, and experiment. This integration of science, technology, engineering, and math help students connect concepts to real-world applications.

Social Studies
Our social studies curriculum works to build a knowledge base in our students that integrates reading and writing skills to explore topics such as history, civics, geography, culture, and economics.

Character Education and Leadership Skills

Character and leadership skills are essential to a successful and fulfilling life. At Synergy, we believe these traits should be cultivated at an early age. Stewardship and ownership of a student's own environment is the first step towards responsible citizenship and community engagement. 

Synergy students learn to value enthusiasm, determination, self-discipline, confidence, and gratitude. They develop a sense of personal responsibility and accountability, which leads to increased academic achievement. We use Success For All Getting Along Together Program as a basis for our character education.