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Educational Philosophy

Synergy exists to improve the education of students in the Phoenix urban core. In order to increase achievement and close the gap for minority and low-income students, we believe we must focus on what really matters: high expectations, a challenging curriculum, and highly effective teachers and leaders.

High Expectations

All children—despite their socio-economic status—are entitled to a high quality education. At Synergy, we operate under the philosophy that all children are capable of learning and achieving academic success. We also understand that in order for students to reach their full potential, teachers must look beyond the stereotypical expectations of “inner city" or "low-income” students. Our students have tremendous potential to achieve; we will never deprive them of the opportunity to learn at the rate and level of students in affluent communities.

Challenging Curriculum

We know academic achievement is closely related to curriculum. Students succeed when curriculum is both challenging and engaging. At Synergy, state standards are the floor of our curriculum, not the ceiling. We use a rigorous curriculum that is backward designed (meaning we start with the end goal in mind) and vertically aligned (it builds upon itself) to advance college readiness and student success.

Our team works together to ensure every student receives a comprehensive learning experience driven by data, long-term planning, and ongoing professional development.

Highly Effective Teachers and Leaders

Great educators change lives. It is they who make the difference between a student who slips through the cracks and one who achieves. And great principals help teachers become great educators.

We are dedicated to the hiring, development, and retention of the highest quality teaching staff.