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Student Services

We know that many students entering our doors have faced trauma and/or circumstances that can hinder their academic success. That’s why we work so hard to create a safe and supportive learning environment to foster the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of our students. Our support structures enhance classroom achievement and help us nurture each student’s abilities. 


Synergy Public School uses a trauma-sensitive, positive behavioral approach to discipline. Our goal is to remove learning barriers by providing clear expectations and routines throughout our classrooms.

Extra Support

Special Education
We differentiate our instruction for special needs students to motivate them and scaffold their learning as they work to master important academic and social skills. Each identified student will receive services and accommodations based on their Individualized Education and Growth Plans (IEP and IGP)

English Language Learners
We use a structured English immersion model to meet the needs of our ELL students at Synergy. All Synergy students receive objective-based, whole-group instruction delivered in a variety of auditory, visual, and kinesthetic ways. Students who need additional help achieving mastery receive targeted small-group instruction as well.

Additional Services

We also work closely with family-centric, community agencies to help support the emotional, behavioral, and social success of our students.